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Stone Wash T-Shirt
  • Stone Wash T-Shirt
  • Stone Wash T-Shirt
  • Stone Wash T-Shirt

Organic Cotton Stone Wash Died T-Shirt


100% Organic Cotton Stone Wash Henley Cut Tee 

  • 100 % Organic Cotton Stone Wash T-Shirts. 
  • Natural Dye used to colour the tshirts
  • Canary Islands / Island Life Logos
  • Pre-Washed will not shrink
  • Henley Cut



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We bring you these organic cotton t-shirts designed in Spain. These are washed with natural colours and have a different logo depending on the colour. The logo usually represents the Canary Islands, with island life, lizards etc. The T-shirts are designed in Henley Cut which means they have a small V-neck with buttons one side. 

Why choose organic clothing?

Did you know Cotton earned the title “dirtiest crop” because it’s sprayed with some of the worst pesticides? Our clothes are statements we make to the world, and they also are our second skin.

We do not push hard for organic clothing as its will require a general shift in conscience & a world reorganization of how we perceive life. However, if the option is given, we will promote its use.

Organic Clothing is made how would you would normally assume your regular cotton is made, that is by growing crops naturally, having them picked and processed naturally without the addition of chemicals & having a fair supply trade where everyone who is involved in producing that piece of clothing is remunerated fairly.

By choosing organic clothing you promote many benefits to the world.

·        Protect the environment from Microfibres – washing machine liquid carries fibres to the ocean, synthetic fibres do not break apart and up in the fish we consume.

·        Protect the livelihood of cotton farmers – to grow real NON GMO products, farming expertise is required, by shifting choosing synthetic clothing, you just mass product fibres in a lab.

·        Reduce environmental footprint – It requires less to produce organic clothing

·        Reduce your exposure to harmful toxins – The process required to create normal cotton requires harmful toxins & chemicals – all which pollute its way to your home & keep on doing so by touching your skin

·        Keep the food supply free of chemicals  - Cotton is not only for clothes, many derivates of cotton i.e. cellulose are used in the food industry, derivates from chemically treated cotton is used in your food, are you okay with that if its completely avoidable & beneficial for the word?



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Organic Cotton Stone Wash Died T-Shirt

Organic Cotton Stone Wash Died T-Shirt

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