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Two Faces of Wolf Leather Stainless Steel Anchor Bracelet

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Genuine Leather Anchor Style Bracelet featuring two faces of a wolf symbolizing our two personalities.

  • 100% Genuine Leather Strap
  • Reinforced Stainless Steal Anchor Design
  • Adjusting ring around edges working as a lock
  • Approx size 21.5CM 
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As Cherokee stories go, we all carry two wolves inside. That is two personalities, one represents mindfulness AKA "The good wolf" and the other the unmindfulness or "Bad Wolf". Neither can exist without the other, and we should understand ourselves to bring inner balance between both if we are seeking happiness.

This bracelet features the two wolves as a reminder to you of the constant battle one must fight in order to maintain inner peace. It features an anchor lock formed with the both of the wolves heads. Made from genuine leather to over last harsh conditions & stainless steel as weatherproof, it's a pretty cool bracelet to own. 

Silver Two Faces of Wolf Leather Bracelet

Gold Two Faces of Wolf Leather Bracelet


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